I always love a Caithness wedding, and they have been much fewer in recent years, but when they come along it’s always a pleasure, especially as I know so many people.

So this one was Sarah and Mo’s big day at the Park Hotel, Thurso. An April wedding, so weather was a worry, with showers forecast, and we did have a few, but we got lucky at the right times and managed to get some cool images down at Scrabster, despite a slight issue with a local couple who wanted to try to ruin the day. We all took that in our stride though and I think we were all pretty chuffed with what we got.

We went back to the Park Hotel for some very entertaining speeches and the dance.SE_MM__0001 SE_MM__0021 SE_MM__0028 SE_MM__0031 SE_MM__0043 SE_MM__0054 SE_MM__0063 SE_MM__0075 SE_MM__0079 SE_MM__0083 SE_MM__0090 SE_MM__0092 SE_MM__0096 SE_MM__0100 SE_MM__0125 SE_MM__0128 SE_MM__0138 SE_MM__0145 SE_MM__0147 SE_MM__0152 SE_MM__0158 SE_MM__0160 SE_MM__0165 SE_MM__0166 SE_MM__0170 SE_MM__0171 SE_MM__0174 SE_MM__0179 SE_MM__0182 SE_MM__0192 SE_MM__0204 SE_MM__0219 SE_MM__0220 SE_MM__0221 SE_MM__0254 SE_MM__0256 SE_MM__0288 SE_MM__0302 SE_MM__0308 SE_MM__0316 SE_MM__0347 SE_MM__0356 SE_MM__0375 SE_MM__0376 SE_MM__0382 SE_MM__0503 SE_MM__0513 SE_MM__0515 SE_MM__0518 SE_MM__0523 SE_MM__0526 SE_MM__0528 SE_MM__0529 SE_MM__0533 SE_MM__0538 SE_MM__0552 SE_MM__0556 SE_MM__0560 SE_MM__0562 SE_MM__0568 SE_MM__0571 SE_MM__0585 SE_MM__0589 SE_MM__0591 SE_MM__0594 SE_MM__0595 SE_MM__0601 SE_MM__0697 SE_MM__0699 SE_MM__0702 SE_MM__0725

Here are a few photos from this day.


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