My first wedding photography of 2016 was along the road at Achnagairn Castle, one of my favourite venues. A cold and frosty, but otherwise nice morning for early January, and the grounds looked fantastic coated in a crisp layer of frost. Winter weddings can be a gamble. Sometimes the picture postcard appearance can be swapped for wind and horizontal rain, which generally means all day darkness. Lauren and Ryan hit it lucky though and weather was kind to us. There was a lovely ceremony, which involved many tears and much laughter in the hall at Achnagairn, before we went outside and managed to do all the photography we had planned outdoors. Another lovely day!

LF_RD__0004 LF_RD__0778 LF_RD__0758 LF_RD__0755 LF_RD__0746 LF_RD__0745 LF_RD__0735 LF_RD__0715 LF_RD__0695 LF_RD__0692 LF_RD__0681 LF_RD__0679 LF_RD__0669 LF_RD__0668 LF_RD__0656 LF_RD__0647 LF_RD__0644 LF_RD__0642 LF_RD__0577 LF_RD__0566 LF_RD__0564 LF_RD__0562 LF_RD__0559 LF_RD__0553 LF_RD__0549 LF_RD__0543 LF_RD__0538 LF_RD__0537 LF_RD__0525 LF_RD__0522 LF_RD__0521 LF_RD__0519 LF_RD__0477 LF_RD__0467 LF_RD__0444 LF_RD__0427 LF_RD__0420 LF_RD__0415 LF_RD__0410 LF_RD__0408 LF_RD__0403 LF_RD__0399 LF_RD__0375 LF_RD__0348 LF_RD__0331 LF_RD__0329 LF_RD__0312 LF_RD__0311 LF_RD__0306 LF_RD__0292 LF_RD__0290 LF_RD__0280 LF_RD__0272 LF_RD__0266 LF_RD__0260 LF_RD__0258 LF_RD__0255 LF_RD__0252 LF_RD__0250 LF_RD__0222 LF_RD__0213 LF_RD__0200 LF_RD__0185 LF_RD__0177 LF_RD__0164 LF_RD__0157 LF_RD__0138 LF_RD__0124 LF_RD__0114 LF_RD__0108 LF_RD__0104 LF_RD__0095 LF_RD__0088 LF_RD__0086 LF_RD__0085 LF_RD__0077 LF_RD__0067 LF_RD__0064 LF_RD__0036 LF_RD__0025 LF_RD__0020 LF_RD__0012 LF_RD__0009 LF_RD__0006


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