Christmas,Portraits and crutches.

It’s been a busy month or so, shooting portraits of families, children and pets for Christmas. Unfortunately, as they are mostly for presents, I’m not able to post up examples at this stage. I’m working flat out now to get print orders and wedding albums out to clients before the big day! Christmas always seems to come around so quickly, but this year has been even worse. I think the fact that I’m injured has meant I’m wishing the weeks away and that maybe doesn’t help. Only a few more weeks to go before the recovery starts though.

I’ve found myself wishing for snow as I always do in the winter, without considering the consequences. I realised today just how tricky it is to negotiate snow covered paths, and frosty steps whilst on crutches! Not an easy task. Hopefully I’ll be walking (in some way) by mid January, so I hope the best snow waits until then so I can get out and enjoy it.

The last 8 weeks have been a struggle, but have given me time to look at the business and see where I need to go with it in the future. I also have a head full of ideas for great images next year, and cannot wait to get up and running again to start shooting these ideas!

I have Wick High Schools prom to photograph on Tuesday then hopefully I’ll be able to wind things up and have a few days off at Christmas for the first time since I started the business.

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