This week I was at a loose end due to not being able to get out on my bike, due to leaving all my gear in Caithness (New Year Whisky to blame), so decided to take a trek up to Fyrish again. I absolutely love this place. I first visited it just over a year ago, and can still remember the amazing feeling when you reach the top and there it is. It’s quite magical, because you have no idea it is there, no sights whatsoever, until you get right to the top and there it is. It’s a trek. A good workout, and quite steep in bits. This time of year it’s also icy, so I ended up on my arse on more than one occasion.

I keep speaking to people who have not been up there, so if you are one of them, get it on the list. Leave it a few weeks though – quite tricky just now. I am going back up in the next few days with a proper camera and tripod, as these were just taken on a compact – the CanonG9x – link below. It is a tiny camera but packs a punch. I always have it in my saddle bag when I go cycling, and it has produced beautiful images. It works well in low light, and shoots Raw images. I have even used this to shoot video at weddings.

Anyway, despite my post earlier, regarding SLR cameras, this is a great wee camera to have as back up if you don’t want to cart the heavy gear around. Today I didn’t have time to get back for my camera bag, so just took this one and attached it to a Gorillapod. On Monday I was up earlier and got some great images.The sun was in a good place and I wish I had waited an hour, but I had to be at a meeting in Inverness.


Today I was a bit too late to capture the sunset, and just made do with some nice colours in the sky. I dount I will ever top my sunrise photo there (at the top) but I’m happy with these considering they were unplanned and shot on a compact camera.




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